• Remsha awarded prize for Best Speaker at the 2018 UCD Molecular and Computational Biology Symposium


The Molecular & Computational Biology Symposium 2018 was held at the Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research in University College Dublin (UCD). This symposium is jointly organised annually by UCD PhD students from the Systems Biology and Infection Biology programs.

This event showcased the thriving local research and scientific community that is present at UCD and in Dublin to Irish and international academic researchers as well as industrial companies. It also featured internationally renowned keynote speakers from a wide range of fields within the sphere of computational and molecular biology to present their research.

Remsha was selected to be a speaker at this year’s symposium where she won a prize for best presentation for her topic ‘The role of IL-10 and arginase in immunometabolism’


Remsha at the Conway Institute with her prize

Remsha at the Conway Institute with her prize